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We are the team of experienced software developers and engineers who have extensive specific knowledge and experience in many spheres of science and technology. We are located in Belarus; however, we work not only with local companies but with companies in other countries.

We have experience in automation of basic business-processes in big companies such as document flow processing, business data analysis, planning of works and resources. Above mentioned business-processes have to be automated for a company to maximize its profit.

We propose you the easiest and the cheapest way to develop necessary software. It is well known that Belarusian developers are able to create dependable, flexible and scalable program code, owing to which we have a good reputation on software market.

We are pleased to offer you the following services:

  • outsourcing for your projects;
  • projecting and developing a new software;
  • rewrite an outdated software;

Our advantages are:

  • low cost of development;
  • high code quality;
  • strict warranty and long-term support;

For the local companies we mostly create products in the field of specialized software which is applicable in scientific researches, engineering surveys or servicing production equipment.

If you interested in creation of specialized engineering software we can help you!

We are competent in:

  • power electricity;
  • heat power engineering;
  • construction design;
  • microelectronics and circuitry;

We are in good partner relations with Gomel State Technical University. Our specialized software for engineering-direction was created in cooperation with particular experts of GSTU.

We are waiting your call!

+375 (29) 1707413

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